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Eyes chap 11 :icondeidaraxmeforever:DeidaraxMeforever 0 3
Eyes chap 10
She was a flash of black hair. When we all regained our senses there was the byakugan user from before: Hitomi Hyuga. 
"newly weds! Ha! Pathetic!" she sneered "how's Hamu, or should I say Hidan of the Akatsuki?!" ai jumped up. 
"don't 'hitomi!' me! Just find sasuke and come back to kahona!"
"No! I told you already! I'm not coming back! I'm sorry!" i looked to Ai but it wasn't Ai who spoke.. It was Sasuke.
"s-sasuke.." hitomi faltered.. A bad mistake on her part. Konan threw razor sharp paper at her and deidara threw bombs, while itachi threw kunais an tobi threw sticks. Then Ai stepped in the middle of them blocking hitomi. 
"DON'T. Hurt. Her." there was a grave tone in her voice. Ai coffee up blood. 
"sorry Ai," said hitomi; her byakugan activated ," but if you don't come willingly I will force you to," Ai lifted her head.
Her red-on-black eyes showed a dragon encircling a yin yang sign. "Now I can show you my special sharigan," ai sneered. Itachi
:icondeidaraxmeforever:DeidaraxMeforever 0 11
pic for adoptable contest by DeidaraxMeforever pic for adoptable contest :icondeidaraxmeforever:DeidaraxMeforever 1 2
Eyes chap 9
We all walked in silence until the base was in sight and Me and Ai broke off into a run. "idiots..." kakuzu mumbled as we ran off.
I leaned against the door and ai sunk to the ground; both of us flushed from running. Then I remembered something: we still had The rings on. Promptly I pulled it off my finger and handed it to Ai. She smiled and put it back on my hand, "you keep it," and she kissed me ," I have no need," I blushed staring at her gliding into the base. I smirked and followed her to our room, and threw my sythe on the ground. And I fell on the bed. Ai yawned and laid down next to me.. Or shall I say on me? I stroke her hair and smiled to myself. I soon drifted off into sleep after that.. When I awoke ai was awake on my chest her eyes blinking slowly. "hey..." I whispered
"hi..." she whispered back. I kissed her forehead and forced her to get up, despite her protests. We then went into the meeting room, my arm protectively around her shoulder. When deidara saw this set
:icondeidaraxmeforever:DeidaraxMeforever 0 32
Eyes chap 8
Ai produced 2 golden rings from Her back pocket and slid one onto my left, ring finger. Then she repeated the motion on her hand. Then she hooked her arm in mine and started laughing walking out from the corner.
"ai..? AIIIIIIIIII!!!!!!!!!!" the one called hitomi glomped Ai, and Yuko raised an eye brow looking me over.
"who is this Ai?" Yuko pointed at me.
Ai smiled "This is my husband, H-Hamu," I glared at Ai
"yes," I started pulling Hitomi off of Ai, "we are newly weds, got hitched last week," 
Hitomi stared, and the sickly boy fainted.. What was his name..? Miyuki? I donna.. Anyway, hitomi had a breakdown and started rambling about Sasuke.... Yeah Ai's bro.. "well, we must be going," I said swooping Ai up in the bridal position and kissing her firmly on the lips. She blushed a deep red, and the others started even more. We said good bye and went back up to our room, still holding Ai. Kakuzu raised his eye brow at up and I dropped ai... On the floor... Crap... (smooth Hid
:icondeidaraxmeforever:DeidaraxMeforever 0 12
deidara adult by DeidaraxMeforever deidara adult :icondeidaraxmeforever:DeidaraxMeforever 0 0 konan adult by DeidaraxMeforever konan adult :icondeidaraxmeforever:DeidaraxMeforever 2 22 iceblade ancient by DeidaraxMeforever iceblade ancient :icondeidaraxmeforever:DeidaraxMeforever 0 0 kisame adult by DeidaraxMeforever kisame adult :icondeidaraxmeforever:DeidaraxMeforever 0 12 Itachi child by DeidaraxMeforever Itachi child :icondeidaraxmeforever:DeidaraxMeforever 1 11
Whispers in the dark: HIDASHIKA 1shot
Whispers in the dark: HIDASHIKA 
I felt tears running down my face as I screamed his name. My face bloodied and torn.
"I-it's gonna be alright," I repeated over and over...
~Despite the lies that you're making
Your love is mine for the taking
My love is just waiting
To turn your tears to roses
Despite the lies that you're making
Your love is mine for the taking
My love is just waiting
To turn your tears to roses~
I held his body and thought back to when he freed me of the hell I live in. I ran to him clutching his body and he held mine. 
~I will be the one that's gonna hold you
I will be the one that you run to
My love is a burning, consuming fire~
"You can't leave me!" I screamed.  Then I stopped. A finger touched my lips. His finger. He look into my eyes and tears burned into my face. "h-Hidan.." my voice quivered. 
"I'm not going anywhere Shikamaru.." he faintly smiled. 
~No, you'll never be alone
When darkness comes
I'll light the night with stars
Hear my w
:icondeidaraxmeforever:DeidaraxMeforever 8 15
Eyes chap 7
Chap 7
Ai and I were stopped by kakuzu's tentacles. "Come here~" kakuzu said in his most seductive voice causing me to shiver. I glanced over at Ai and saw she was doing hand signs behind her back. 
"I cant believe I'm doing this..." she muttered an grabbed my hand. "RAINBOW LOLLIPOP NOJUTSUUUUUU!!!" next thing I knew; kakuzu had an mad/confused look when We disappeared with an explosion.. Of lollipops......
I turned to Ai, "what the hell was that!?" 
She frowned, "a jutsu that my old team mate created.." she obviously seemed touchy about the situation so I didn't question her more. We sat in silence until she snapped her head up and pulled me behind a corner staring at a group made up of 4 leaf shinobi: one with long black hair and whitish green eyes, the second with a strong relative looks to Ai, another with a sickly looking attire  and one with red face paint and a small dog. "SHIT!" she whispered. 
"what is it? Who are they?"  (a/n: hmm I wonder =_= )
:icondeidaraxmeforever:DeidaraxMeforever 0 9
Mature content
Eyes chap 6 :icondeidaraxmeforever:DeidaraxMeforever 0 7
Eyes chap 5
we kept walking for a few hours, until Ai & I started complaining. "Kuzu, I'm hungry!" 
"Kuzu, I'm tiered!"
"GAHHHHHHH!!" maybe we pushed kakuzu alittle too far.... "if I get us a hotel will you shut up!!!!!????!!!!???!!??!!" 
Ai smiled sweetly,"yes." kakuzu sighed. A few minutes later we were in a beat up old hotel, with  2 beds...
"you 2 already room together, it's not like you'll have a problem..." kakuzu said putting his briefcase on the bed and walked out of the room.
"soooooooooo," I said , "whatcha wanna do?"
Ai grinned and looked at the briefcase, and instantly I knew what we were gonna do. Ai opened it.. And closed it quickly, flushing a bright red. "what?" I asked. 
"...don'" I arched my eyebrow and ignored her warning. I unlatched the case and There was..erm... Well... I don't know how to say this.. It was filled with... Porn.. Hentai... Yaoi.... And the worst of the
:icondeidaraxmeforever:DeidaraxMeforever 0 26
Eyes chap 4
Chapter 4 
When we entered the Akatsuki den, Kakuzu was at his counting table(counting money of corse), tobi and sasori were eating Dangos with an annoyed looking Deidara, and itachi, kisame and konan were speaking in a corner suspiciously... Nothing wrong with this picture. Kakuzu looked up,"about time," he got up and started walking twords the door, "I'm not getting any younger here!" he added walking outside. Ai looked at the door and sneered "that's obvious enough," I chuckled and we went outside. Kakuzu was already heading down the path, and much to my (and kakuzu's) surprise: Ai randomly ran forward and jumped onto Kakuzu's back, like a 5 year old. I laughed as kakuzu tried to get Ai off of him, and him failing miserably.
"can I have a piggyback ride kuzu?? Pleaseeeeeeeeee," ai said in the most annoying way possible. Kakuzu just grumbled and kept walking; ai still on his back. 
:icondeidaraxmeforever:DeidaraxMeforever 0 4
HARUxHIDAN gettin cozy by DeidaraxMeforever HARUxHIDAN gettin cozy :icondeidaraxmeforever:DeidaraxMeforever 0 21
chu know you want to press the button.. do it.


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5  things about me:

1. I love Anime. Like, overobsession.
2. I uh.... have fantasies at school about deidara..... ;w;
3. I started drawing and writing both in fourth grade. Got my inspiration from my best friend, HitomixSasuke4EVER
4. I am currently going to Fellowship Christian School.
5. Mah BIRFDAY is comin up ;3

1. Favorite song(s)?
2.If you had a million dollars, what would you do with it?
3. What are a few of your fetishes? (things that you like that others find weird)
4. Is there anything your good at that others don't know about?
5. Favorite food?
6. Whats your religion?
7. What are your favorite things too do?
8. Do you have a nickname at school/work?
9. Do you have a fursona? If so, what is there name/animal
10. Whats the most disgusting thing you've ever done?
11. Whats your most embarrassing moment? OuO


1. At the moment? Skyscraper by Demi Lovato. (Dun like her that much, but I love the song.)
2. I'd first but half in the bank for emergencies/college tuition, and then donate 50,000$ to charity, and then give each of my friends 10,000, and THEN use it for myself~~
3. My bursts of excitement when I'm thinking of my honey Deidara~~ I3
4. Most people don't know that I can make good animal sounds XDXD
5. Tacos~~~
6. Christian
7. Draw, Sing, Play video games, Smack my lil' bro. :3
8. I don't really have one......
9. I don't have a fursona, but Ayame-Kitteh drew me a catified(LOL WORDPLAY!!) version of myself.
10. Poured mudwater over my head. (Don't ask)
11. When I was in the grocery store, thought I saw my aunt, ran over saying AUNT! AUNT! IT'S ME, KAITLYN!!!!! And gave her a giant hug, when really, it was a dude with long hair..... wearing women's clothing. ;_;

I don't WANT to tag anyone. Fuck the rules.


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United States

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deviantWEAR sizing preference: uh medium.. i think
Favourite genre of music: rock/electric/dance
Favourite style of art: anime
MP3 player of choice: ipod
Skin of choice: idk.. mine ^-^
Favourite cartoon character: Deidara... Kakashi.. Gaara.. and tons of others
Personal Quote: would you like some EPIC with that FAIL?


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ummm... well im dont have any points and i would really appreciate it if any of you donated some!!!

Sketch (no color just on a peice of line or printer paper)~ 1 point
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digital drawing (colored or not depending on what you want)~ 1 point
professinal drawing on Adobe Flashplayer CS5 (to the best of my ability)~ 2 points
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